About Goa

Goa tugs at the heartstrings of travellers from every corner of the globe looking to experience the city’s unique fusion of relaxation and adventure. 

Playing an ever gracious host to everyone lucky enough to walk its sandy shores, Goa reveals its true beauty through a multitude of experiences. From the sun-kissed beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, to the lush greenery of its landscapes and water sports, Goa is a paradise for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts alike.    

Delve into Goa’s food delights, where the fusion of Portuguese, Indian, and Konkani flavours creates an experience unlike any other. From savoury seafood curries to traditional desserts, each dish represents the cultural fusion that reflects the region’s rich history.

Explore its hidden gems, from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Old Goa to the colourful streets of Fontainhas. See the local art scene, where vibrant murals adorn the walls of Panaji and traditional craftsmanship still thrives in remote villages. This city is also known for its rich history and culture which can be seen through its places of worship, centuries-old chapels, and magnificent architecture.

Events in Goa

Shigmo Festival

Shigmo, Goa’s springtime extravaganza, typically hits the scene from March 26 to April 8, marking a jubilant time for the community. This grand celebration resembles a kaleidoscope of cultural revelry, where streets come alive with colourful parades and traditional folk dances like Ghode Modni and Goff. Traditional music fills the air, creating an infectious vibe that’s hard to resist. This festival isn’t just about having a good time; it’s a proud display of Goa’s rich cultural heritage and local talent. So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, don’t miss out on this lively celebration that’s sure to leave you smiling.


Picture this! Special prayers and midnight masses resounding through churches across the state, followed by joyous Easter Sunday festivities. Families and friends come together, sharing moments of reflection and gratitude while indulging in delicious food and delightful events. Whether you’re deeply religious or simply enjoy a joyful gathering, experiencing Easter in Goa is truly memorable. It’s a blend of tradition, community spirit, and joyful celebrations, making it a cherished part of Goa’s cultural landscape. So, mark your calendar and join the festivities for an unforgettable Easter experience in this vibrant coastal paradise!

Goa Food and Cultural Festival

Get ready for a flavorful adventure waiting for you sometime around April or May – that’s the Goa Food and Cultural Festival! Hosted by the Department of Tourism, Government of Goa, this festival is a vibrant celebration of the region’s rich culinary and cultural diversity. Here’s the scoop: visitors get to dive into a tantalising array of Goa’s varied cuisines, from lip-smacking seafood delicacies to traditional sweets and local beverages. But hold on, there’s more to savour! You can also experience cultural performances, soak up live music at concerts, and admire captivating art exhibitions, all adding to the vibrant tapestry of Goan culture. So, whether you’re a foodie, an art enthusiast, or just someone looking for a good time, this festival has something special in store for everyone.

May Day

May 1st is more than just another day in Goa – it’s May Day, also known as Labour Day. This day is all about celebrating the hard work and contributions of workers. Think rallies, parades, and gatherings organised by trade unions and worker associations across the state. It’s a time to recognize the rights and achievements of labourers while also coming together to show solidarity and support. So, whether you’re out marching in the streets or just taking a moment to appreciate the folks who keep things running smoothly, May Day in Goa is a reminder of the power of unity and the importance of honouring those who work hard every day.

Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima, also known as Vesak or Buddha Jayanti, commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha. In Goa, this auspicious day is marked by prayers, meditation sessions, and offerings at Buddhist temples and monasteries. It’s a time for reflection, spiritual renewal, and spreading messages of peace and compassion.

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