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Along the banks of the Yamuna River, Delhi NCR stands as a testament to the confluence of rich heritage and modernity. From the bustling streets of Old Delhi to the gleaming skyscrapers of Gurgaon, this dynamic region captivates visitors with its vibrant culture, diverse cuisine, and busy spirit.

Delhi boasts of a rich history, where every street echoes with tales of empires and dynasties. The city is sprinkled with dazzling gems: age-old monuments dot every turn, while museums and galleries contribute to a thriving cultural scene and bustling markets where artisans from across the country showcase their craft round off a wholesome tourist experience.

Indulge your senses in the flavours of different cuisines at top restaurants or savour street food delights. Step into the corridors of Cyber City, where the streets come alive after dark, and the party never stops. From sleek rooftop bars with views of the glittering skyline to clubs throbbing with music, it is the ultimate destination for those seeking to dance the night away.

Explore the sights, sounds, and flavours of Delhi NCR, where every corner is waiting to be discovered.

Events in Delhi NCR

Surajkund Craft Mela

Located in Faridabad, just a short drive from Delhi, the Surajkund Craft Mela unfolds its vibrant splendour from April 1st to 15th. This renowned event serves as a captivating showcase of India’s rich cultural heritage. Artisans hailing from various corners of the country converge to display their mastery, presenting a stunning array of traditional crafts, exquisite handlooms, and tantalising culinary delights. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere, exploring stalls adorned with intricately crafted items, savouring the sights and sounds of lively folk performances, and indulging their palates with a diverse range of regional cuisines. The Surajkund Craft Mela stands as a testament to India’s artistic legacy, offering a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and appreciation amidst a backdrop of creativity and tradition.

Delhi Comic Con

Delhi Comic Con, set to unfold from April 15th to 17th, emerges as a utopia for enthusiasts of pop culture. Embracing all things geeky, from comic books to gaming and cosplay, this event promises an exhilarating experience. Attendees anticipate encounters with celebrities, participation in engaging panels, exploration of merchandise booths, and the adrenaline rush of thrilling cosplay competitions. It serves as a bustling hub where fans ardently immerse themselves in their beloved fandoms, fostering connections with kindred spirits along the way. With its vibrant ambiance and diverse offerings, Delhi Comic Con stands as a testament to the enduring allure of pop culture, uniting enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds under one exhilarating roof.

Delhi International Jazz Festival

From May 10th to 12th, Delhi transforms into a haven for jazz aficionados as it hosts the esteemed International Jazz Festival. This grand event shines a spotlight on both local talent and internationally acclaimed jazz artists. Against the backdrop of iconic landmarks, attendees are treated to a mesmerising array of performances spanning the spectrum from classic jazz to cutting-edge contemporary fusion. The festival serves as a jubilant celebration of improvisation, rhythm, and soul-stirring melodies, captivating the hearts of music enthusiasts far and wide. Drawing a diverse crowd of aficionados from across the region, the International Jazz Festival stands as a testament to the enduring appeal and universal language of jazz music, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among all who gather to revel in its timeless allure.

Delhi Handicrafts Fair

The Delhi Handicrafts Fair, held annually from May 5th to 15th, is a celebration of India’s rich artisanal heritage. Located in the heart of Delhi, this event showcases a diverse array of handicrafts from every corner of the country. Visitors can explore intricately crafted textiles, pottery, jewellery, and more, all lovingly handmade by skilled artisans. The fair provides a platform for these craftsmen to exhibit their talents and traditions, offering an insight into the cultural richness of India. Beyond shopping, attendees can also enjoy cultural performances, workshops, and demonstrations, immersing themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Indian craftsmanship. Whether seeking unique souvenirs or simply admiring the artistry on display, the Delhi Handicrafts Fair offers a memorable experience that highlights the beauty and craftsmanship of India’s traditional arts.

Delhi Food Truck Festival

The Delhi Food Truck Festival, situated in the heart of the bustling capital, is set to tantalise taste buds from May 20th to 22nd. This culinary extravaganza promises a smorgasbord of delights as food trucks roll in with offerings ranging from gourmet burgers to exotic desserts and international flavours. Amidst the aromas of sizzling dishes, attendees can unwind to the rhythm of live music, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere. With a relaxed ambiance and an abundance of delectable options, this festival provides the perfect opportunity for food enthusiasts to indulge their cravings and discover new culinary delights. Whether craving comfort classics or adventurous fusion fare, visitors are sure to find something to satisfy their appetite at the Delhi Food Truck Festival, making it a must-visit event for gastronomes in the region.

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