Love whispers in the air, a sweet breeze carrying promises of shared laughter and whispered secrets. February butterflies are fluttering in hearts everywhere. The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun, leaving lovebirds pondering the perfect way to showcase their love.

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Forget the predictable chocolates and crowded dinners – Udaipur, the City of Lakes, beckons with the promise of a love story rekindled, whispered secrets under velvet skies, and experiences that paint your hearts with hues of romance and adventure.

If you are looking for an extraordinary getaway with your special someone, this Valentine’s, ELIVAAS is an escape you’ll cherish forever. Step into exquisite villas, nestled amidst the city’s captivating history and breathtaking beauty, where every detail whispers intimacy and every moment promises to ignite the flames of love.

Experiences that Whisper “Forever”:

  • Sunset Sail on Lake Pichola: As the sun bids farewell to the Aravalli Hills, casting the lake in a magical glow, embark on a private sailboat at Lake Pichola. Let the gentle breeze caress your faces as you share stories and dreams, the city lights painting the horizon in a romantic symphony. 

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  • Hot Air Balloon Ride over Udaipur: Witness the city awaken as you soar through the sky on a magical hot air balloon ride. Watch the sun paint the palaces in a golden hue, the lake shimmering like a mirror reflecting the heavens. Hold hands as you float amidst the clouds, your love suspended in a world of unparalleled beauty, a memory etched forever in your hearts.

Valentine Day in Udaipur

  • A Romantic Dinner: Ever fantasized about dining someplace extraordinary with the love of your life? Do so with ELIVAAS! Enjoy a Valentine’s special dinner with your partner, curated by our private chef in the villa. A romantic dinner setup under the starlit sky, candle light and dinner table adorned with fresh blooms and laughter. This is a meal unlike any other, a culinary love story whispered in spices and shared smiles.

Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine’s Special from ELIVAAS:

To complete your enchanting escape, ELIVAAS presents a Valentine’s offer you just cannot refuse. Stay for a minimum of three nights during Valentine’s week and be swept away by a complimentary floating sundowner experience.  Share laughter, dreams, and a toast to your love while the sky turns into a masterpiece of fiery orange and gold. 

Romantic Getaway in Udaipur for Valentine's Day

Dive into the opulent embrace of ELIVAAS Shourya, a 3-bedroom haven with a private pool, or awaken to the majestic Aravalli panorama from ELIVAAS Ara Valley’s 6-bedroom villa. For intimate indulgence, choose ELIVAAS – Radhyam, a cozy 2-bedroom villa, or let ELIVAAS Horizon by the Blue Root captivate you with its private infinity pool and garden.

Forget the predictable. Choose ELIVAAS this Valentine’s Day and escape to a realm of love, luxury, and experiences that will whisper “forever” in your hearts.


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