Goa is one of the greatest places in India to go for a vacation. However, Goa is so big that where you go in Goa defines what kind of experience you will have. North Goa is decidedly different from South Goa and has an entirely different vibe. There are fewer tourists, youngsters and street vendors here and the ambience is much more sophisticated and up market. For older and more discerning travellers who have already seen the south part of the state, North Goa is the place to stay.north goa

There are many great beaches in North Goa along with interesting markets, artistic enclaves and fine dining restaurants. The houses and villas in this area are also more fashionable and luxurious as the region is very affluent. The price of real estate is very high here and the facilities and public amenities are very good. One can hang out here at all times of the day and night and always find interesting things to do.


1. Mandrem Beach: Even in the land of beaches that is Goa, Mandrem beach stands out for its sheer beauty and exclusive crowd. This beach has white sands, clear blue water and is surrounded by lush greenery. If you stay in North Goa, you will have plenty to time to explore this amazing beach and it myriad of treasures at your own pace.

places to visit in north goa

2. Chapora Fort: Built in 1776, this is just one of the many architectural wonders that one can visit in North Goa to trace its history and learn its culture. Built by the Portuguese, the Chapora Fort is located on top of a hill and affords wonderful views of the sea. It is an extremely interesting place to explore and experience while its location makes it a must visit place for nature lovers.

3. Houses of Goa Museum: Finally a museum dedicated to the incredible architecture of Goa. Here, one can see how the native style of building melded with several European styles to create a kaleidoscope of architectural wonders that dot the landscape and line the streets. This museum is built like a ship but has three floors of all the different types of houses and buildings that make Goa so exotic.

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3. Mangeshi Temple: One of the largest temples in Goa, the Mangeshi Temple is built in the Goan style but is dedicated to lord Shiva. It is very well maintained and a worthy place to stop for pilgrims and tourists alike. Even if you are not religious, its unique architecture, which includes an octagonal watchtower, is worth checking out.

4. Flea Market: The Flea Market in Anjuna Beach in Goa is famous for its bohemian atmosphere, fun activities and incredible bargains. It is only open on Wednesdays and is the best place to buy Tibetan Prayer Wheels, Portuguese Wine, Indian Jewelry and all those things that are quintessentially Goan.

6. Arpora Night Market: On Saturday nights there is a festive night market in Arpora that is worth visiting. This is a great place to hang out and features some delicious food at its iconic food stalls. You can also buy beachwear, trinkets, clothing, handicrafts and other gems here at great prices. If you are a night person, this is the place for you on Saturday night.


Hotels are for tourists. For the serious travellers looking to get an authentic Goan experience and interested in learning more about the state, one should get an apartment. For the same amount of money that you would spend on a hotel on a long stay with a big group, you can stay an independent luxury villa that is out of the world in every way and decked out with the latest and greatest technological advances.

Elivaas is an interesting company that uses technology to manage high-end villas and luxury villas in North Goa. It manages multiple luxury properties in North Goa that can be rented out for a short stay. These properties are usually fully furnished with everything you need for an instant check in and a smooth vacation.

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Having a kitchenette is especially convenient as it cuts down on food cost and saves you the bother for going out for every meal. The sitting room is the perfect place to meet up and spend time as a group while several cozy bedrooms are a quiet sanctuary for anyone wanting to rest and recuperate. If you have children, they have plenty of space to play around so that the adults can unwind and relax.

Villa living was always a popular activity for celebrities and the superrich but now the trend is catching on with friends, families, groups and small organization. Once you have experienced Villa living, you will most likely not want to go back to being cooped in small hotel rooms. Luckily, Elivaas is there to provide the perfect pad for every vacation.

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