The Best Sunset Points in Udaipur

As the sun sets, painting the sky orange and pink, Udaipur transforms into a breathtaking sunrise and sunset points. Travellers who love sunsets enjoy finding the perfect spot to watch nature’s nightly show. That’s why we’ve scoured Udaipur to bring you the finest sunset viewpoints, ensuring unforgettable vistas and cherished memories.

Reasons to Plan Your Udaipur Trip

Adventure Activities in Udaipur

For a hassle-free trip, consider booking a Udaipur tour package. It includes lodging, transportation, and guided tours. Whether you’re travelling solo, with family, or in a group, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Udaipur. Take your time exploring the city at your own pace, and you can also venture independently to discover hidden gems and create memorable experiences. The guides offer insight into Udaipur’s history, culture, and traditions and best sunrise and sunset points in Udaipur.

Explore Udaipur’s Cultural Heritage

Explore Udaipur's Cultural Heritage

Immerse yourself in Udaipur’s vibrant culture. They range from classical music’s moving melodies to folk dances’ rhythmic beats. Don’t miss the chance to see the Mewar Sound and Light Show at the City Palace. There, history comes alive amid a great display of lights and sound.

Best Sunrise and Sunset Points in Udaipur & Adventure Activities

Udaipur tour

Udaipur offers a variety of thrilling activities for adventure and nature enthusiasts. Experience the exhilaration of ziplining above the verdant Aravalli Range, followed by a rugged countryside jeep safari. For water enthusiasts, explore Lake Pichola’s natural splendour by kayaking or paddling boats.

Udaipur Sightseeing Tour: Embark on an extensive sightseeing tour of Udaipur to uncover its timeless allure and rich history. Begin your journey from the majestic Grand City Palace. Then, wander through the bustling lanes of the old city. In Udaipur, vibrant bazaars tempt visitors with various crafts, fabrics, and trinkets. Visit historic landmarks such as the Jagdish Temple and Saheliyon-ki-Bari. See the city’s many architectural wonders at every turn.

Karni Mata Temple: The temple is perched atop a hill. It offers a heavenly sunrise and sunset view of Udaipur. This sacred site dates back three centuries. It’s a peaceful retreat and an ideal spot to watch the sunset bid farewell to the day. You can take the stairs or use the scenic ropeway. The view from this temple will leave you spellbound.

Pipliya Ji: Venture 27 kilometres from the city centre. You’ll discover a hidden gem called Pipliya Ji. Locals fondly call it the ‘Monsoon Destination of Udaipur.’ It’s nestled in lush green valleys. This enchanting spot offers a front-row seat to nature’s daily masterpiece. Watch in awe as the sun casts its golden glow over the landscape. It lights the green surroundings in a warm mix of light and shadow.

The Monsoon Palace – Sajjangarh: The Monsoon Palace, or Sajjangarh, perches 3100 feet above sea level. It stands as a sentinel overlooking the city of Udaipur. It was built in the late 19th century by Maharana Sajjan Singh. This marvel offers unmatched sunset view and have a view of Udaipur. You can see the nearby Aravalli Hills and the ever-changing sky. You may miss sunrise views, but the sunset from this palace is a sight. The sky ignites in a blaze of colours, heralding the onset of twilight.

Moti Magri: As the day ends, head to the serene Moti Magri. This park pays tribute to the courageous Maharana Pratap and is situated by Fateh Sagar Lake. The stunning surroundings make it the ideal spot to bid farewell to the sun. Stay after dusk to enjoy a captivating light and sound show. It’s a fitting tribute to the legacy of Rajasthan’s revered warrior king.

Sun and Moon Rooftop Restaurant: Enhance your sunset experience at the Sun and Moon Rooftop Restaurant. Indulge in delightful cuisine while soaking in panoramic views of Udaipur’s historic cityscape and shimmering lakes. Unwind and savour the authentic flavours of Rajasthan. The sky transforms into a kaleidoscope of colours. It casts a magical spell over the city below.

Neemach Mata Temple: Leave behind the city’s hustle and ascend to the amicable Neemach Mata Temple. Perched peacefully atop a hill near Fateh Sagar Lake, this temple offers a serene retreat. Soon, you’ll be able to reach it effortlessly via a ropeway. This sacred site provides a picturesque vista of  Udaipur, making it a favoured destination for locals searching for tranquillity and spiritual enlightenment.

Trek Mountain near Badi Lake: For those craving adventure, trek to the mountain near Badi Lake. Panoramic views and thrilling fun await. Climb to new heights and see the sunset against the tranquil lake. It’s a sight that will invigorate you and reignite your sense of wonder.

Things to Do in Udaipur

Best Sunset Points in Udaipur

  • Explore centuries of history and grand architecture at City Palace Udaipur, overlooking  Lake Pichola.
  • Take a serene boat ride and see the ethereal beauty of Lake Pichola, adorned with ancient palaces and temples.
  • Jag Mandir Island is a secluded oasis with panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding landscapes from its island palace.
  • Bagore Ki Haveli lets you immerse yourself in Udaipur’s royal legacy. It is an 18th-century mansion-turned-museum showcasing beautiful artefacts and cultural performances.
  • Relax amidst the enchanting gardens adorned with fountains, lotus ponds, and pavilions of Saheliyon Ki Bari.

Stay at Luxury Villas in Udaipur

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Lounge in luxury and tranquillity at villas in Udaipur, boasting opulent accommodations and premier amenities. Rejuvenate with a revitalising spa session, savour a refreshing cocktail by the poolside or simply immerse yourself in the peaceful ambience of your surroundings. You can choose between a heritage property steeped in history or a modern retreat boasting city views. Udaipur caters to every taste and budget.


luxury villa in Udaipur

Udaipur has become a popular tourist destination with its timeless charm and regal splendour. You may explore ancient palaces, cruise on exquisite lakes, sunrise and sunset points in Udaipur or indulge in luxury at five-star villas. Whether you’re seeking accommodation in Udaipur or Ghasiyar, Elivaas offers a range of options to suit your preferences.

In Udaipur, consider the Radhyam, a 2 BHK Villa located in Ghasiyar, offering comfort and elegance. For larger groups or families, the Elivaas Ara Valley presents a stunning 6 BHK Villa in Ghasiyar, Udaipur, providing ample space and luxury amenities. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Madhav Vihar with Elivaas Horizon, featuring a 5 BHK Villa for a serene retreat. For a blend of comfort and convenience, opt for Elivaas Shourya, a 3 BHK Villa nestled in Umarda, Udaipur, offering a peaceful haven amidst nature. So pack your bags and start a journey. Get ready to be captivated by the magic of the Venice of the East.

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