The best part about Goa is that however much time you spend there, there is always something new to discover. Even hard-core Goa fans and experts may not know about Assagao one of the coolest and best places to see here. This little hamlet is located a few km inland and is often called Goa’s “Beverly Hills” or the “Art District” of Goa. It is a beautiful and posh village that is a heady mixture of upscale amenities and a creative, artistic vibe that is hard to deny. 

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About Assagao 

This village of Assagao was once occupied by the Portuguese. They built many of the unique buildings, streets and squares here in true European fashion. This unique architecture is what gives this village its worldly vibes and attracts creative and spiritual people to its neighborhoods. Keeping with the ambiance of the village, several art galleries, boutiques and cafes have opened up here that cater to a discerning crowd. 

Assagao is also called “Fullyanchem Gaon” or the “village of flowers” as it is famous for its flower markets and vendors. In the fields around the village, the marigold flower grows in abundance. Since ancient times, the villagers have picked these flowers, made charming garlands and other creations from them and sold them to tourists. 

The people who come to Assagoa are usually searchers who are interested in knowing more about this idyllic land and the people who inhabit it. They come to Assagao for its unique architecture, peaceful vibes and creative activities. Due to a constant and upmarket stream of tourists, the local economy does very well and a part of this money is reinvested back into the village to keep it in good form. 

Things to do in Assagao 

1. Assagao Mehfil: This is a music festival held here every month where some surprisingly famous musicians come to play from all over the world. It is a wonderful opportunity for local artists and tourists to interact with notable talents in a casual and intimate setting. If you are visiting Assagao, you should find out when it is being held and try to work it into your schedule. 

2. St. Cajetan’s Church: You can’t leave Assagao without a visit to one of the 23 impressive and historic churches built here by the Portuguese. The St. Cajetan’s Church was built way back in 1776 and still stands tall as a pedigree example of Renaissance architecture and medieval construction techniques. Inside, the church is even more majestic and exudes a sacred vibe that must be experienced. 

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3. Heritage Walks: There are many heritage walks in Assagao that you can sign up for. These are outdoor walking tours conducted by expert guides who know a lot about the history of the village, the latest happenings and local gossip. The guides take you through historical by-lanes and important structures in the village for an entertaining and educational travel experience that endears you to this very special place. 

4. Gupowder: While this is not a tourist attraction in the traditional sense, this restaurant and several others are so far and beyond the normal dining experience that they deserve a mention. Nestled in an old Portuguese building, this restaurant serves some of the best coastal food in Goa and probably the world. Besides Gunpowder, several other restaurants in Assagao are famous institutions in their own right. 

Where to stay 

The only downside of visiting Assagao or spending time here is that real estate is incredibly expensive here. Celebrities and businessmen from all over the world are interested in owning a house here, which drives the prices up to extraordinary heights. Therefore, there are a limited number of hotels here and almost all of them are exorbitantly priced. 

The best option for accommodation in Assagao may be to book an apartment for a short stay. This allows you to save money and also provides extra space, which you need if you are going to stay for more than a few days. If you are traveling in a group, this is a very good option as it allows everyone to stay together instead of being segregated by rooms. 

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Luckily, some amazingly luxurious villas in Assagao can be rented for a short stay. One company that specializes in luxury apartments and villas is ELIVAAS. They use technology to manage exquisite properties and then rent them out for short stays. If you are interested in staying in a luxury apartment in Assgao, you can contact them to find out the options available. 

Staying in a luxury villa or apartment can be a truly amazing experience, especially for couples and groups. Once the sport of multi-millionaires and celebrities, technology has now made it possible for anyone to experience the lap of luxury at feasible prices and with easy-to-follow procedures. Securely settled into your stylish abode, you can fully explore the artistic enclave of Assagao and even discover something new in Goa. 


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